Yep It’s Another List

I promise I’ll make a real, cohesive post sometime in the near future. Until then, you’ll have to deal with the lists.

-A word to the wise: check and double-check your bank account number when filing your tax return online. Thanks to my butterfingers adding an extra number to my account, I now have to wait an additional three weeks to get my return. I hate when I plan on having money and then I don’t end up actually having it… arg.

-I am inspired by my blog idols Andie (Can You Stay for Dinner) and Alida (The Frenemy) who now have book deals from their blogs, to try and write more. By “inspired” I mean “endlessly jealous.” I’ve found that a good stepping stone to getting your name out there is to write a column for a local newspaper. What the hell would I write a column about, you ask? Being 20-something and in a Quarter Life Crisis (clearly my new favorite term) in the lovely Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts of course! We have the five colleges in the Amherst area and a handful of others in the general vicinity, and a good number of students tend to stick around the area. That means lots of little young professionals like me feeling lost and confused. No idea how to even go about marketing myself as a columnist, but I figure writing some sample columns and query letters to the local papers is a start. Will let you know how that goes.

-I get my second tattoo this coming Saturday. I am endlessly excited. It’s a design I’ve been carrying around in my purse for about four years now, and soon it will be on my back forevermore. It’s a redesign of the butterfly my mom has on her leg, and I’ll be getting it on my shoulder blade. My lovely artist friend designed it for me, and I love it. I suck at pain though, so I’m mostly excited with a dash of crippling fear…

-My search for a new gym is coming up empty. My motivation to exercise on my own is none. Oy.

-I’m more and more convinced the teenager-esque breakout on my face is a bad reaction to the communal makeup I used during my play two weekends ago. I’ve decided for the next few days I will give both my face and my hair a break and do absolutely nothing to either. So if you see a crazy-haired freckle-faced troll wandering the streets of Western Massachusetts it’s likely you’re seeing me in my natural state sans makeup and flatiron. 

-Next week is already tech week for the next play I’m in, Treasure Island. Very excited to be a swashbuckling pirate in this play. I am really loving this theater group and I hope I can do more shows with them in the future.

That’s all for now, folks. Tune in next time when maybe I can organize my thoughts enough for a decent blog post.

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