A Review of My Local Taco Bell


Atmosphere: I found the decor to be an ambitious blend of 90s-era grandmother living room–complete with large wall-hanging plastic flower vases and framed Monet gardens posters, as well as camo-printed plastic seating. The bare concrete floor gave the place a rustic and modern feel that can be found intentionally installed in many new Austin eatery establishments–though I question if that is the case here–so that if you keep your head down and your nose closed you just may think you’re at the new Fork + Taco on Burnet (GREAT tacos there, highly recommend).

Cuisine: In regards to the food, the chicken quesadilla was perfectly palatable with a good cheese-to-chicken-to-spicy-sauce ratio and a perfectly crisp grilled tortilla casing, and the hot sauce packet told me that I, myself, looked “hot” today. Sadly, the accompanying soft taco supreme could use some work. I was at first pleased and then horrified that my soft taco appeared to be grilled, when in fact it was simply on a very stale tortilla. The lettuce had an aftertaste of old refrigerator–perhaps also from the 90s grandma house?–and the sour cream was only at the very end of the taco, as if it were a prize to win for consuming the entire thing. I guess I lost that game.

The diet Dr. Pepper was fabulous. Will order again.

Staff: The counterstaff was quite friendly; two separate older gentlemen with tired eyes referred to me as “darlin'” and the combined group of my coworker and I as “you kids.” The man who took my order lamented that he no longer has fun on weekends because he’s too old to pick up women, but that “Thank God it’s Thursday, amiright??” I gave a knowing nod as I accepted my drink cup and tried to convey an air of sympathy for his plight.

Final thoughts: I may be compelled to give our  Taco Bell another chance ($5 quesadilla here verses $11 at our more upscale option across the street), but probably via drive-thru only. I look forward to sampling the morning crunchwrap some day, perhaps the morning after a night of $5 Long Island Ice Tea pitchers on 6th Street.