My New Year’s Status Update

From my Facebook:

*Obligatory End of Year Post* 2013–what a year. I remember at the end of 2012, thinking that, while 2012 had more than its share of stressful moments, it had ended on a high note (meeting Cory was a huge part of that) and set the stage for 2013 to be much better. And it was. Tenfold.

I welcomed in the new year with amazing friends in Canada, then recharged my travel bug even further by visiting Iceland with some old castle buddies and sampled both whale and puffin for the first time. I performed as the titular role in Alice in Wonderland at my beloved Shea Theater, and immediately after that performed in Midsummer Night’s Dream in what would be (unknowingly at the time) my last Shea show. I won a contest through The Lisa Ekus Group for agency representation for my first book–a cook book loosely based on my blog, as said blog continues to grow and my fearless agent continues to search for the perfect publisher. I can’t recall if anything huge happened over the summer, except that I went tubing for the first time and ruined my phone but was forced to face my fear of water when I was thrown from the tube–regardless, it was an incredible summer with my dear friends. 

Then Autumn hit and I wrote and directed my first play (different plays, in the same night). I visited Austin, Texas for the first time, fell in love with its quirkiness, great food, and warmth, and after a conversation with Cory decided that while I still would love to live in California someday, Austin was a better option for the both of us as a couple and as young people crafting our careers. Soon after that, Cory found a job, and I left my job of three years at my first post-college job and one that I loved, and we drove across the country to begin our new life together. Not long after our feet hit Texas soil, Cory proposed, and now we are in the early stages of wedding planning while we adjust to Southern life.

To say 2013 was a great year would be the understatement of the century. I will look back on it as a turning point in my life, a year of pivotal moments and risky decisions that resulted in so much love and so many adventures. I’m now unemployed and job hunting like a madwoman, far from most friends and family, both of which can be scary, but I’m excited for 2014 and the new challenges and adventures it will undoubtedly bring.

Happy New Year, everyone. Take those risks, jump with all your might, and follow whatever path will make you happiest. Cheers!