I don’t think anyone reads my personal blog more than my cooking blog but on the offchance they do they’re probably concerned for my well-being since I haven’t posted anything on here all summer.

It’s okay! I’m alive! See, I’m typing things! Woo!

The usual excuse: I’ve just been super busy and when it comes down to it, I’d rather make some cookies and blog about it over on my cooking blog than come up with some personal essay to slap up on here. Meh.

Some updates:

-I went to the Bahamas. It was awesome. I kissed a dolphin and you know you’re jealous.

-I also went to a Red Sox Game. I am generally apathetic about sports but I can get into the Sox for sure. Especially at a game with all the Fenway Food and Beer. Yup.

-Currently working two jobs because I figured instead of complaining about how I don’t have enough money to achieve my dreams I should actually do something about it. So I’m back to working retail part-time in addition to my full-time job and my weekends already look like they’ll be full of work rather than my usual weekend escapes. This is sad, because I love my weekend mini-trips, but good, because I won’t be spending money on gas and food and drinks all the time. Day trips will have to suffice!

-I proceeded to spend my first paycheck from Job #2 on new purses and a dress. OOPS.

-Trying the whole “moving out of the parents’ house” thing again. Hopefully this time it will work! A friend is letting me move into her extra room for a good price and I’ll be closer to work. Looking forward to a drive that isn’t 45 minutes!

-Bought new gym clothes, but lost my gym card. I think this is a higher power telling me my butt looks just fine, but according to an internet weirdo today my body is only a 5 whereas my face is a 10 (but only in SOME of my pictures) so maybe that means I need to go back to the gym… or get off Okcupid…


-Doing freelance food photography and potentially some freelance editing work for a local nonprofit newspaper. So that whole keep-my-foot-in-the-publishing-door can finally happen. Also I get to see my name on a piece of paper and that always makes me happy.

-…and since I am nowhere near good enough to be a freelance photographer of any sort, I’ve taken it upon myself to put my nose to the grindstone with learning the basic skills. Hopefully it’ll pay off!

And here’s a picture of me with Aaron Lewis of Staind. He did a solo show for an event I did for work. I look terrible and totally doing the whole double-chin thing.