Took the Plunge.

Invested in a new camera on Cyber Monday. Though it probably was stupid of me to spend that much on a camera, I’m actually pretty excited about it. I like being able to design things using my own photography, and it will help me build up some photography skills in case that’s a path I decide to go down.

I’m a creative person–having more outlets in which to express that never hurts!

The camera is a Canon EOS Rebel T3. Not the best-of-the-best, but it’ll do for my food photography over at Quarter Life (Crisis) Cuisine and aid in my efforts to make this blog lean more towards the fashion-blog-o-sphere.

Also, I’m taking actual steps to make my dream of moving to LA come true. It’s still pretty far on the horizon, but I’m ready to buckle down and save every penny and take the plunge.

For whatever reason, that last sentence makes me think of skydiving and this quote I found recently that’s permanently on my list of favorites now:

Too bad people didn’t fall in love at the same pace, at the same time, for the same reasons, and too bad those emotions didn’t move simultaneously. But each act of madness moved at its own pace, one not dependent on the pace of anyone else. It wasn’t like tandem skydiving, where you were connected as you fell, where you were forced to fall at the same rate and use the same parachute. Falling in love was a solo act. I knew that, had learned that the hard way. You just jumped and hoped your parachute opened. Sometimes you looked up and saw you were falling by yourself, the object of your desire still on the plane, not interested in jumping, watching you descend into that scary place alone.”—Eric Jerome Dickey

Gahhh isn’t that just perfect? It explains love so SO well. Way too often I’ve been the one jumping with all my heart, only to realize I’m all by myself. And who hasn’t? I’m happy to be in a place right now where I feel appreciated, but this quote still hits a note in my past dead on.

Need to find the book that this is from and read the hell out of it. Though maybe not, because reading Looking For Alaska by John Greene was a bit of a disappointment. Still, this quote is also on my favorites forever:

So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.”

This is great too. The illustration of longing is just perfect. This is the way I want to write. I need to write more, I need to get my fiction chops back. I miss them so.

Anyways. There wasn’t much cohesion to this post, I know. It should be titled Bragged About A Camera Then Quoted Things.

It’s my blog, I do what I like. So there.

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