Happy Halloweeny

Anyone in my family can tell you, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Ever since I was little, I would plan out elaborate costumes months in advance. When I was younger my mom would actually make my costumes for me–a unicorn and a dinosaur being the

Northampton Zombie Pub Crawl 2011 ❤ Favorite part of the season!

ones I remember most, they were very well done and I loved them. Trick-or-Treating was pretty much the best thing ever, especially when I turned 11 and could trick or treat by myself without that pesky “only houses we know” rule. Ten pounds was my MINIMUM candy hoard.

I have a long-held passion for horror movies. I started reading Stephen King at age 10 when the Goosebumps series I deemed “not scary enough” and my dad handed me The Shining.  I LIKED ZOMBIES BEFORE THEY WERE COOL, DAMMIT.

Anyway, point is, I friggin love Halloween. And all things Halloweeny.

So, like the young-20-something female that I am, I’ve had my share of skimpy costumes. From age 18 to 23 I reveled in the “sexy” costumes, sometimes buying them at the store (mostly) or putting them together myself (2008 was an awesome Sarah Palin outfit). However, I am very much not a college student anymore, and I figured that at age 24 it was time to put the tiny dresses behind me and find something more suitable. I decided to go “pretty” over “sexy” and find something flattering, yet not completely skin-baring.

Early in the season I came upon a woodland fairy costume that looked lovely. I made a mental note to return soon and purchase it. Sadly, my free time became smaller and smaller and I didn’t get to the store until last night.

Do you realize how IMPOSSIBLE it is for someone to find a store-bought female costume that doesn’t show all your bits?? Why hadn’t I noticed this before? I don’t remember my costumes being nearly this bad in years past, though back then I hadn’t made the conscious decision to not show all the leg.

The closest I found was a skimpy Tinkerbell. Even my back-up plan, Medieval Princess, had a skirt so short I’m sure my ren-fair-going friends would scoff at me. They had a plus-size princess outfit that would have been lovely had it not been plus size (no way I could make it fit on me). I got the Tinkerbell anyway, since it was closest to what I originally wanted, but scolded myself for succumbing to the sexy costume yet again. Now I’m trying to figure out how to dress down this friggin doll dress. I’ll probably give up since most of my Halloween plans are with friends who will only minorly poke fun at me for having a “college” costume, but still.

I suppose it’s just another year that I pay way too much money for a costume I’ll use twice that just barely covers my tush.

I’m reminded of a Sex and the City quote:  “Miranda: The only two choices for women; witch and sexy kitten. ” Awfully fitting, isn’t it?

Anyway, Happy Halloween everyone! And if you see a brunette Tinkerbell desperately trying to cover her bum–it just might be me!

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