Some Links.

Some links I came across that really describe what it’s like to be a fresh-faced young college graduate these days.*

The Frenemy: When I’m in a Rut–This girl sat next to me during our Novel Into Film class at Emerson. This post is exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. She’s fantastic and hilarious and living in the city I want to live in and has a BOOK DEAL, and still she’s a grumpy self conscious post-grad just like myself. This post definitely speaks to me and probably all the rest of us in the same shoes.

The Kids are Actually Sort of Alright–Yet another article on our generation feeling inadequate. Though the first page or two makes you kind of sink down in your seat and wish for better things… the rest of it is pretty dang uplifting. Or at least assuring.


*As of May I’ll have been graduated two years… when do I have to stop saying I “recently” graduated? AM I OLD YET?

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