Updates and Such

So. Update: I’m doing okay!

I still have to wait a bit until I can go to the gym, and I’ll probably have troubles with fatty foods for a while or forever but I suppose there are worst things that could have happened. The scars on my stomach are minimal, and I actually kind of like them. I’m toying with the idea of getting my bellybutton pierced as a distraction point from the scars, or just as an excuse to get that done before I’m too old. I’m probably already too old…

Due to some post-surgery-retail-therapy, I now have a bunch more clothes (I know, I know… Need to stop that!), and a tripod for my camera. It’s been suggested that I have an okay fashion sense, and if there’s something I like just as much as cooking it’s fashion. I’ve never had much money to get anything super design-y, but I can occasionally pull together an outfit. I follow a number of fashion blogs and have been toying with the idea of turning this into something of a fashion blog.

Ideally, I’d love to just use this space to write essays and such, but that would mean my life has to be interesting. And, currently, it kind of isn’t. Interesting things will surely pop up soon, but for now my clothing combos will have to do.

Below are some outfits I put together with some of those retail-therapy finds. The red outfit was taken as an experiment with my tripod, and the owl shirt was taken at a recent cookout.

Also, if for whatever reason you aren’t following my cooking blog, you probably should. I update it far more often and it is way more interesting. Also, Like it on Facebook and I’ll consider baking you some cookies 😉





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