Dream Job Ponderings

What is my dream job?

It changes. A Lot. I feel that as a young 20-something this is the question I’m most asked by anyone who is mildly interested in my professional goals.

Honestly, since about age 5 it’s changed drastically. What I “want to be when I grow up” has gone anywhere from the most far-fetched (Broadway actress! Movie star!) to the more within-reach (Journalist!) to the right-now (Marketing…something…). None stick around more than a year or so, though I’ve found the more recent aspirations centering on “Writing Stuff” so thankfully I chose the right college degree with my BFA in Writing-Literature-Publishing—it’s a glorified English major, yes, but with a concentration in magazine and book publishing specifically.

So, good. We have a start.

If I could mesh my three biggest, current passions at the moment I’d wind up with Travel Food Writer, or perhaps Traveling Recipe Blogger. Sadly at the moment I am without my own kitchen, which makes it difficult to develop recipes when I get home late and run the risk of waking the entire household by running the food processor. Not to mention the lack of natural lighting makes my pictures come out super crummy. And with my crippling monthly student loan repayments, it makes travel financially impossible at the moment. Somehow I need to work around all this and start developing my talents outside of my professional life so that they are solid enough to eventually support me in what I REALLY want to do… whatever that is.

So I need to: Get my own place, live somewhere interesting, cook as much as I can, and write more–even if it’s not specifically for my day job. Not necessarily in that order. Getting into a normal blogging routine and setting aside time on weekends to do some baking at the very least is step one. I need to keep fresh and revitalize my creative juices and make sure they’re flowing right. If nothing else I need to read more and find more inspiration because when I do that, the rest comes organically.

I should put all this into my New Years Resolutions, somehow.

Not really sure where I’m going with this, just needed a moment to organize my thoughts.

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