Decisions, Decisions.

Contemplating making this blog into a sort of fashion blog. Not sure how I’ll do this without 1. a camera or 2. someone to take the photos, but it IS an idea I’m toying with.

Otherwise, what the heck else am I going to fill this space with? I can’t be witty and interesting all the time, all on my own! I’m not funny enough for a humor blog, smart enough for a political blog, single enough for a dating blog, I don’t write enough to post my fiction, and I already HAVE a cooking blog. Plus, fashion is something that appeals to me.

And since my job gives me the freedom to be “casual, yet professional” I have pretty free range with my daily outfits. As long as I’m not wearing ripped jeans or anything too booty/busty, I can pretty much wear what I want. Lately, I’ve had a lot of fun putting together outfits. Today I’m wearing a flowy floral shirt with an olive jersey blazer, denim jeggings and red wedges. I am quite proud of myself today, despite not doing my hair or makeup. A fashion blog could document my various outfits this way and help me develop my outfit skills. I definitely need to learn the art of accessorizing too!

Also I just joined pinterest and am seeing all sorts of fun fashion I’d like to try out.

Just something I’m thinking about. We’ll see! Still saving pennies for a Canon Rebel XS… sigh…

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